Martina – Pole Fitness Instructor

Hello, my name is Martina. I am a 32 yr. old stay-at-home mother of two (11 yr. old boy and 1 yr. old girl). I love to face and conquer new challenges and share my knowledge and experience with others. I have been poling off and on for 14 years. I got back into poling here at Sacramento Pole Fitness in May 2012 after taking a break for 6 years. I find myself learning more and craving more everyday. Every time I pole I feel stronger and more confident in the skills that I have learned. I have yet to get a pole set up in my own home, but am definitely working on it! I am very happy to hear that pole fitness has made its way to the masses. It is a very challenging, sexy, and fun way to get a total body workout, while building strength, endurance, and confidence at the same time. I love poling and am very interested in the fitness aspect as well as fluidity and motion. Poling is an exercise that I strive to make look graceful, easy, and fluid. I also teach stiletto, chair dancing, and floor work classes in addition to beginner pole. Combining the techniques learned in all classes offered, along with a piece of music that moves you, can result in a beautiful piece of art that you made unique with your own style and skill. I look forward to sharing my technique and experience with you. What I enjoy the most is watching how women evolve with the pole; seeing someone do something they never thought they could/would do. Schedule a class today and start challenging yourself, start growing, start getting pole fit!!!!!