Reggie L. Curry – Sacramento Pole Fitness Trainer

“Professionalism at It’s Best.”

Featured at Sacramento Pole Fitness is our Resident  Master Exercise Therapist / Sports Specific Trainer Reggie L. Curry “The man behind the scenes of athletes, gymnasts and amture fitness event winners for more than 20 years.

Now will bring his dynamic training strategies to the fitness woman of pole athletics. The primary and most important tool to properly strengthen and  prepare your body for the intensity of pole dynamics and to protect your entire body from injury, this is why good  body preparation training strategies are needed. strengthening joints and improving spinal alignment. That’s what Reggie does best. Introducing the best and most accurate training devices, so you’ll be at your best on and off the pole. Proper training will greatly improve your pole performance while keeping you injury free so you can enjoy getting fit, looking better and just plain having a blast. The investment is priceless while the health benefit is lifelong.