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Welcome to Sacramento Pole Fitness!

Where we bring the art of dance and fitness together! Whether you’re looking to get into shape or bring out the diva lurking within, Sacramento Pole Fitness can make it happen for you! We offer classes to both men and women (non co-ed). We teach all levels – Pole Orientation, Beginner through Advanced Pole along with other alternative fitness classes. For additional fun, we offer Zumba and Yoga.  Sacramento Pole Fitness and Sacramento Pole Dancing has worked with some of the top pole instructors in the industry.

Pole Fitness is now part of the fitness industry! It is the new total body workout that is sweeping the World and now has millions of women using the dance pole as a vertical fitness device. Pole fitness is an effective and attractive exercise for modern day women and has caught on with men too. It incorporates strength and endurance training a fun and entertaining way.

Sacramento Pole Fitness Office