Classes & Pricing

All classes may be paid on a pay per class basis or you can take advantage of our money saving opportunities by purchasing monthly punch cards.  Punch cards make great gift ideas!  Please see the Incentives Page for additional savings information.

Pole Orientation

Pole Orientation is a basic introduction to the exciting and fun concept of using a vertical pole for optimum health and fitness.  You will be able to get a feeling of Sacramento Pole Fitness and how you can benefit from what we offer.

This class covers important safety information which is critical to know before just getting on a pole.  Pole Orientation will get you acquainted with a true fitness approach that really works!  You will get your first hands on trial class, where you can experience for yourself what it feels like to embark on this creative fitness trend.  30 Minutes $20, Special: $10

Beginner Pole

In this fun class you will learn a wide variety of climbs, spins, holds, twirls, transitions, and maybe some floor work.  We will also teach you proper hand positioning, safety modifications, seductive dance and sultry movements and grace.  This class will lead you through beginner moves and will prepare you for more intermediate moves.   45 Minutes $20, Special: $1045 Minutes $20, Special: $10

Pole Fitness

These classes are a mixture of beginner, intermediate and advanced moves.  This is a sexy cardio fitness class designed to challenge you, using strength based endurance and flexibility; utilizing more core control.   You will learn to climb our 12 feet high poles.  You will learn to sit on the pole.   45 Minutes $20, Special: $10

Beginning/Intermediate Pole

Here you will learn a few basic routines and how to put everything together to create your own routines.  You will also start learning some more advanced moves as well as advanced strength building flexibility and inversions.  45 Minutes $25, Special: $10

Advanced pole

Advanced Pole tricks and putting everything you have learned together seamlessly, learning to create your own flowing and graceful routines.  60 Minutes $35

Private Pole Lessons 

Here you will have a one-on-one with the instructor.  You will cover beginner to intermediate moves.  45 Minutes $45


Bootylicious Be Fit Class

Yes, we did! This is a great class to get your juices flowing on Saturday! This is a high energy fast pace, intense glutenous maximums ultimate movement workout! You will work your abs and legs too! And a lot more.  45 Minute $20, Special:  $10

Chair Dancing

Here you will learn the art of chair dancing.   This class focuses on mounting the chair, transitions, spins, grace, and movement.  You will learn how to seamlessly combine all movements in one continuous fluid motion utilizing the chair. 45 Minutes $20, Special:  $10

Kundalini Dance Workout and Yoga

Kundalini Dance is a cutting-edge ecstatic dance modality and spiritual practice where dance-movement therapy, rhythmic breath, tantra, sound, and music are used to enter into the body/mind consciousness to gain insight and transform core belief patterns that have been holding us back from actualizing our life purpose.  We dance to heal.  We dance to feel.  We dance for no reason at all. Ecstatic dance is a letting go of form and opening to guidance that flows from within, allowing for spontaneous movement and sound…facilitating an authentic life experience beyond rules imposed by self, relationship, and society – to create whole body transformation of strength, fluidity, flexibility, circulation and centering.  90 Minutes $20, Special: $15


Zumba Fitness is an effective, exhilarating, Latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, calorie-burning dance fitness party that has taken the fitness industry by storm. It achieves the perfect balance of a progressive core workout, full-body cardio and strength training, and a stress-relieving, energy-producing fitness experience.  Today, more than 12 million people all sizes, shapes and ages take weekly Zumba classes in over 110,000 locations across more than 125 countries. And the program’s popularity keeps growing by leaps, bounds (and exhilarating dance steps).  People all over the world have fallen in love with the Zumba – You will love it! 60 Minutes $5, Special:  $4

Stiletto Saturdays

Stiletto Saturday class will focus on working on a variety of movements in high heels while poling. You will be taught pivots, spins, and transitions from floor to the pole. You will learn how to bring fluidity to your movements as well as perfecting your technique.  This class will not only help tone and strengthen your lower body, it will also improve your posture. High heels are fun, sassy, and come in many different styles and colors. Wearing heels helps to bring out a new you, someone you may not have known you had inside. High heels also elongate and define your legs and bottom, as well as help you remember to point your toes!!Practicing and perfecting proper posture will help you hold your head up high and increase your confidence in everyday life. This will help you whether you wear high heels on a regular basis or only occasionally. Be strong, be confident, be sexy, bring out the empowered woman you always wanted to be! 45 Minutes $20, Special:  $10

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