What is Pole Fitness?
Pole fitness is a rising revolution in the way women get in and stay in shape. It is a combination of modern, jazz, ballet, lyrical, and classic dance with a touch of gymnastics, arieal art forms and sensuality. It is fun, alternative form of fitness. Pole Fitness is for everyone regardless of size or weight.

Is Pole Fitness Stripping?
No, absolutely not. There is a zero tolerance for nudity in the pole fitness facility. Pole Fitness is strength building and cardio based exercise. While we do try to help you get in touch with your feminine grace and sensuality, we do not promote stripping and are not responsible for the promotion of it elsewhere.

Do I have to sign up in advance for classes?
YES! All classes you wish to attend, you must sign up for in advance. We doaccept walk-in’s, however, we try to keep classes to a minimal in order to allow time for indivual attention to each of our students during class.

What if I am overweight, can I still attend classes?
Of course! We use high quality built in poles which have been tested by professional women and men. A weight limit of 250 pounds per pole is set for advanced tricks. However, if you exceed the above weight, you may still participate in pole classes that are not arieal based.

Can I attend classes if I am pregnant?
Excersie and staying in shape is a great way to ease over all pain of pregnancy and shorten recovery time. We do ask that you consult with your doctor for clearance to participate in pole classes during pregnancy. Written approval from your doctor is required before class admittance.

What should I bring to class with me?
All you need to bring to class is a towel, a bottle of water and a positive attitude. Spectators are not allowed.

What should I wear to classs?
For pole classes we recommend that you wear shorts and a tank or sports top, as skin is required to achieve pole adherence. While this is not mandatory, nor required for your first class, as you progress and begin learning more advanced-beginner tricks and climbs you would want skin. After intro to pole you may chose to wear heels. All heels must be a full fit or have an ankle strap. No heels with rhinestones or other decorations as these can damage your shoes and our poles.

Anything I should NOT wear to class?
YES! Please do not attend class with jewelry on the fingers and wrists. Do NOT apply lotions, oils and or perfumes within 2 hours of your scheduled class. These are not safe for pole dance and can cause damage to our poles and could jeopardize the safety of others.

Do you offer refunds?
All sales are final . There will be no refunds given for the purchases of classes, cards, shoes or clothing. If you
purchase a punch card and no longer wish attend classes, you may pass your card off to someone else or discard it. If
product is unused , We do offer exchanges for other products or services

Can I purchase a pole?
Yes, we sell poles.

*all classes must be reserved in advance