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Congratulations on taking advantage of one of the best deals in town.  We want to help you get the most out of your purchase and make it easy for you to redeem your certificates.


For Introduction to Pole Dance/Fitness, you can take any POLE ORIENTATION, BEGINNER POLE, OR POLE FITNESS class on our schedule. The promotion is not valid for any other classes

You will need to click the setup tab to create an online account/profile with your own password.  Each person should make their password account unique to them.

To link your account to your Promotion click the Online Store tab.  Make sure you register as “Unpaid” when you sign up.  Your promotion certificate is your payment so don’t worry about paying the regular price like all those other women who didn’t get the promotion!

To schedule your classes click the classes tab.  You will be able to schedule all your classes at this time.

For these classes, we do have a four-hour cancellation window.  If you cancel within the four hours or fail to show up, your promotion will be forfeited. Once you have scheduled your classes they will be reserved for you.

You MUST supply us with a cell phone number and valid email addresses when you create your account so we can contact you prior to class if needed.  Failure to do so may result in you not being confirmed for class.

If you are wondering what you should wear or bring for class? If it’s the pole fitness class, whatever you’d wear to an aerobics is appropriate (bare legs and arms).  We learn in bare feet so no special shoes are needed yet.  Bring a towel, water and just show up with a smile and we’re good to go.


If you purchased the discounted Party Package or private lessons, you’ll need to call the studio at (916) 380-1113 to schedule your party or one-on-one. Remember that there are specific times and days on which you can redeem your promotion for these offers.

Parties are only for studio parties of 10 women or less.  Should you wish to have more women attend your party; a charge of $15 per person will apply.

We require a two week window of cancellation for parties so please take that into account when booking your party.  If you cancel within two weeks of your event, your promotion will be forfeited.

Thanks for purchasing your promotion for Sacramento Pole Fitness. If there’s anything we can do to make your registration or redemption easier, please contact us at (916) 380-1113 and we’ll help you out.  We’re excited to meet you and introduce you to the fun of pole fitness and/or dance.

Happy Poling!!

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Click Here for Online Scheduling